eMoods Insights Beta Access

Support us in our goal of learning more about bipolar to create better features

Bipolar is unfortunately not incredibly well researched and we're in a unique position in that people using our app have logged a lot of quantifiable information about what it's like to live with it. Although currently all this data is local to each user's phone, it is our hope to aggregate it together and use Machine Learning to better understand the day-to-day factors from the community at large. We aim to use any insights we can gain to create features that could make living with bipolar a little easier.

With these Machine Learning algorithms, for example, eMoods Insights may be able to spot early warning signs of a manic episode before you or your doctor, or it may be able to help you make sense of how you feel depending on how the weather is today.

Making sense of all this valuable data is a challenge, and because this data is private in the eMoods app, we don't have access to any of it. That's why we're asking for your help!

We invite you to contribute your anonymous app data to help develop our Machine Learning algorithms. As a token of our appreciation, you'll be first on the list for beta access to the eMoods Insights platform when we launch. The data that you share will not be made public in any way.

To participate, please fill out the form below:

Thank you for your support!
-The eMoods Team

Share your anonymous app data

This file can be exported from inside the app on the settings screen and has a file extension of .emoods. It's not linked to your email address and contains no personal information other than the notes you've written in the app. You can also email your export directly from the app settings screen to info@emoodtracker.com

You will receive an invite to the Beta program shortly before eMoods Insights launches.

Optional- Sign up for the eMoods Insights beta

Join the beta by leaving your email here and we'll send you an invite to the Beta program shortly before it launches. If you would like to do this without uploading any app info, please contact us.